Styrofoam IFS - .ifs files, 2d variations

Commands on this page include the variations that have a special 2d-case.
All commands listed here should be followed by either xy, xz or yz to indicate the 2 axises that the function should use.
Currently the 48 functions in the original flam3 paper is included (linear does not need a specific 2d-variation, see the main .ifs file manual page for this)
Some variations have the same name as non-2d versions, use xy,xz or yz to indicate that it is a 2d variation.
No description is given to each individual variation, see the flam3 paper for details.

Words in italics can either be numerical values, variables or mathematical functions.
The | sign is used to delimit different identifiers.
Example: x|y|z means that you can put either a 'x', an 'y' or a 'z' in that spot.
Anywhere where you can write a value, a mathematical formula will work as well.
Example: let p,cos(pi*anim/36)

See main .ifs file manual for non-2d variations.

arch xy|xz|yz
bent xy|xz|yz
bipolar xy|xz|yz,shift
blade xy|xz|yz
blob xy|xz|yz,low,high,waves
blur xy|xz|yz
bubble xy|xz|yz
cosine xy|xz|yz
cross xy|xz|yz
curl xy|xz|yz,c1,c2
cylinder xy|xz|yz
diamond xy|xz|yz
disc xy|xz|yz
elliptic xy|xz|yz
elliptic_claude xy|xz|yz
eyefish xy|xz|yz
ex xy|xz|yz
exponential xy|xz|yz
fan xy|xz|yz,c,f
fan2 xy|xz|yz,x,y
fisheye xy|xz|yz
gaussian xy|xz|yz
handkerchief xy|xz|yz
heart xy|xz|yz
horseshoe xy|xz|yz
hyperbolic xy|xz|yz
julia xy|xz|yz
julian xy|xz|yz,power,dist
juliascope xy|xz|yz,power,dist
ngon xy|xz|yz,circle,corners,power,sides
noise xy|xz|yz
pdj xy|xz|yz,a,b,c,d
perspective xy|xz|yz,angle,dist
pie xy|xz|yz,slices,rotation,thickness
polar xy|xz|yz
popcorn xy|xz|yz,c,f
power xy|xz|yz
preblur xy|xz|yz
radial_blur xy|xz|yz,angle
rays xy|xz|yz
rectangles xy|xz|yz,x,y
rings xy|xz|yz,c
rings2 xy|xz|yz,val
secant2 xy|xz|yz,a
sinusoidal xy|xz|yz
spherical xy|xz|yz
spiral xy|xz|yz
splits xy|xz|yz,a,b
square xy|xz|yz
swirl xy|xz|yz
tangent xy|xz|yz
twintrian xy|xz|yz
waves xy|xz|yz,a,b,c,d