Styrofoam IFS - .grp files

Use .grp files to create images with several fractals. Basically each row contains an .ifs file and where to put it.
In contrast to .ifs and .scene files, variables and nathematical functions can not be used here.
Any time '//' is found on a row the rest of the row will be discarded as a comment.

Each row should conform to the following:
filename p0,p1,p2, x_center,y_center,z_center, x_distribution,y_distribution,z_distribution
Example: fern.ifs 1,8,, 0,-0.4,0, 0,0,0
filename is the name of the .ifs file, fern.ifs in the example.
p0 is the number of copies of the fractal that will be made, 1 in the example.
p1 is the number of cache splits that each copy of that fractal will use, 8 in the example.
p2 is a recursion filter, list of the recursions that fern.ifs will be visible in (semicolon separated), not used in this example. If it would say '1;2', the fractal would only be visible in reflections with one or two steps.
x_center,y_center,z_center is where the origo of the original fractal will be places, in the example fern.ifs will be centered at 0,-0.4,0
x_distribution,y_distribution,z_distribution is the random displacement that each copy of the fractal will get. Use this when p0 is greater than 1.