Styrofoam IFS Gallery


This was the first test animation.
Watch on repeat for best experience. Every frame consists of a single IFS. Fractal definitions was still written directly in the code. The stormy part at 0:08 is the parameters getting randomly morphed. This hasn't made it into the current product since it would be too cumbersome to define the morphs.
Hexagon centerpiece
Consists of 6 transforms circling a center transform with various rotations applied.
Dodecahedron Koch
Watch on repeat for best experience. This is the dodecahedron_koch.ifs example provided with different coloring.


Attempt at making cauliflower.
Inverted menger sponge
Based on frame from hexagon centerpiece.
Inverted tetrahedron
Tetrahedron with one transform inverted
Notice the 2d inverted sierpinsky triangles!
Dodecahedron star
Inverted menger cross
The broccoli tree
Based on frame from hexagon centerpiece.
Menger sponge with filter.
Test of post_filter
4d Menger sponge with filter.
4d hack is real!
Testing opencl background
Made using about 1 iteration with a really big sphere and the background.
Barnsley fern in 3d.
Several fractals are combined in this image.
A grid of transforms forms the square ground. Theres a tree and a menger sponge occupying the same space but in different reflections.
Main background is a mandelbulb/tetrahedron morph playing with the precision. Reflected background is a regular mandelbulb.
Hexagon centerpiece again with added path coloring.
Playing with sphere sizes.
First test with flames. Based on Built-in Creativity Aphophysis Fractal Tutorial by Guagapunyaimel.

Animated gifs

Note! These are quite large and both Internet Explorer and Firefox has (different) issues displaying these.

The Barnsley fern with a rotation added.
Inverting Tetrahedron
A tetrahedron inverting and rotating.
Based on a frame from hexagon centerpiece.
Notice the how fractal the movement is, all parts are moving in the same fashion as the entire fractal. The coloring scheme is not currently available in Styrofoam IFS.
Tetrahedron with Mondrian coloring.
Test of the png based palette.
Romanesco broccoli rotating
Inverted dodecahedron star rotating


Quaternion mandelbrot, rendered on the z=w volume.
Testing the point-cloud approach on escape-time fractals.
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